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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

We offer affordable and effective SEO pacakges that will increase your visibliity on the search engines and lead to more sales and profit!

Our search engine optimization core services include: Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research / Strategy and Activity Report.

Organic Search

We develop high quality content for your business and distribute it using a variety of different strategies, all across the Internet. A strong organic presence gives your business the best opportunity to be found first when potential customers are looking for your product or service.

On-Page SEO

We make sure your site and its content are easily accessible to search engines. We use top quality strategies that get businesses on the first page of Google.

Link Building

We create a diverse portfolio of links to your website from all over the web. We get high quality links from strategic locations such as industry sites, news sites, blogs, articles, and more.

SEO for Small to Medium Size Business


At NewGen Marketing, we provide a service for small businesses that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. NewGen Marketing was established as a way to provide small businesses with an affordable SEO option that actually worked to grow their business in the online world. We have a lot more to offer in terms of services than ANY other SEO company can provide for the money. . The management team has over 20 years of experience working with small business and has discovered SEO techniques and best practices that truly work.

National SEO


99% of search engine based traffic comes from the first page of results. And when targeting a market nationally you cannot afford to be found on page two, three, or beyond. Your business needs to be visible and easy to find for customers who want to pay for your products and services. This is a long term investment that will separate you from your competitors.


Organic Traffic - Increase


Bounce Rate - Decrease


Average Visit Duration - Increase


Pages Per Session - Increase

Keyword Research / Strategy

After learning about your business and your goals, we come up with a list of targeted keywords that your website should be found for. We will then come up with a link building strategy that will increase your search engine ranking and organic traffic for those keywords.

Activity Reports

We provide ranking reports that allow you to see how your site is moving up in ranking. Our customers are usually showing first page rankings within the first 4-6 months.



  1. We meet with you, learn your business, and your goals.
  2. Keyword research and stratgegy
  3. Unique articles
  4. Relevant quality links to your website

Market Research

We make sure we understand who your market is, who your competitors are, and what products and services you are selling. From there, we create a list of keyword phrases to market.

Modify or Create Website

We modify your website so search engines will index it for those keyword phrases. We will add those most searched keywords to the tags, title tags, meta descriptions, and pictures as well.

Marketing Launch

It’s time to promote your website to the world. Through unique articles, web 2.0 posts, directory link building, and many other search engine marketing techniques, we will drive thousands of people to your website, increasing leads, business and sales.

Monthly Reporting

Once the campaign starts, we will track the keyword position, and give you monthly updates as we track your online presence.

Elements of Successful SEO

Here are the elements create a successful SEO campaign


Writing articles related to your product or services is an effective way to appear in internet searches. In articles, we use highly searched and low in competition keywords which enables your website to rank higher. Also, the meta description is added to make the article more appealing and interesting to the clients. Keywords are used in titles, tags and meta description to enhance the chances of the website to rank higher in search engines.

Blog posts

The blog post is another relevant to article techniques used for SEO. Like the articles, blog posts have keywords with high searchability to raise ranking and profit. Blogs are the a way of being social while also providing good content that can increase visibility and trust.

Directory listings

Directory listings are an important part of a successful SEO strategy. We submit the URL of your website to different directories on the internet along with a description of your company. This is an off-page technique that helps your website increase its domain authority and rankings.


In SEO, NAP is an acronym for a name, address, and phone number. It helps your website to appear in the maps. It is important that your NAP appears exactly the same all over the internet.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 link building includes creating a profile on, and getting a link from good web 2.0 websites. These sites can be Social bookmarking sites, Social Media Platforms, and Video Sharing.

Blog comments

Blog commenting is an easy way to contribute more content and get links back to your website from relevant and quality blogs.

SEO Experience with Companies on a Local and National Level

National SEO

We have worked with companies on their national SEO for over 10 years. We are companies we have successfully kept the top of the search for over 10 years for national keywords.

Keyword Selection

Some keywords are more competitive than other keywords, so it is important to have a mix of really competitive and not so competitive keywords. It is also important to have a variety of keywords. As Google does not like to see the same keyword phrases stuffing on your website or in your link building/ SEO work

SEO: Not a One Time Job

SEO isn’t something you can only do once or even sporadically there are many elements that need to come together on a consistent basis for your business to show up at the top of the search engines. NewGen marketing has mastered the art of getting local businesses to the top of the search engine at the exact moment their customers are looking for them. If you would like to be found for your products or services now your customers are looking for them we can make that happen.